About Us

Taking The Money Stress Out Of The 1st 5 Years

Tying The Financial Knot was born out of the passion of helping couples to reduce the financial stress of the first 5 years of marriage. 

We are here to offer resources, training and coaching to help young couples get on the same financial page and use finances as a tool to bring them together in stead of a wedge that could drive them apart. 

About Brenner

I have had the benefit of having great mentors in my life when it comes to personal finance and having a natural love for the subject. After getting married I quickly realized how much stress money causes in relationships and marriages.

I remember vividly when a wise and trusted friend of our family came over to our house and sat with my parents around the dinner table to speak about their family finances. He was not a financial advisor or money expert. He was just able to explain in a simple and straightforward way how to set your family up for financial success.

I want this site to be that dinner table where couples can gather to chat about the basics of building good money habits.

A few facts about me:


  • Cajun by birth and Yankee by necessity

  • Philosophy Undergrad (nothing to do with money...)

  • MBA in Finance (everything to do with money...)

  • Husband to the woman of my dreams

  • Father to two amazing kids

  • Son of God

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I am one of 12 Children

  • I have 10 brothers

  • I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot

  • I had a pet alligator named Fluffy

  • I lived in Ireland for 2 years

  • My kids think I am Santa Clause

The best way to get to know me is by following along on my Instagram and Facebook account (Short of picking up the phone and having a chat…which I am always open to!)

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